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Psychiatric TimesVol 40, Issue 3

Having an appropriate presence on social media can help your career.

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Like it or not, social media is an important part of our lives, and may play a significant role in your patients’ lives. Thus, having an appropriate presence on social media can help—or hurt—your career by attracting new patients, marketing special skills, advocating for the field, and even creating or supporting another source of income. (A precautionary note: it may not be wise to friend patients and clinicians should always be careful about what their posting, especially on individual accounts.)


Pages can be used to describe and promote your practice, and personal pages can detail your achievements, published articles, speaking engagements, and more. To get started, set up a page and add a headshot and basic information. You can also share videos, articles, and other information. This platform is also great for networking with colleagues. Need examples of what to do? Search for accounts by colleagues or contributors to Psychiatric Times™.


Facebook allows company pages, which is where you can share practice information. This platform is a great place to share photos of promotions, community service, or employee milestones. It also allows you to connect with patients and the greater community in a more casual environment. If you want to expand your patient base, look at Facebook promotion options. You can target your audience and spend as little or as much as you like to reach more individuals.

Instagram and TikTok

If sharing what you do through images and video makes sense, Instagram and TikTok or other photo and video sharing apps may be a good option. Instagram and TikTok are usually less formal platforms. Depending on your goals, you can share casual videos with helpful information or videos meant to entertain and make connections. If you are looking for ideas, you can find psychiatric residency programs that participate on these platforms.


YouTube is great for longer-form videos or as a repository for all your video content. For example, CompHealth shares physician spotlights discussing different elements of locum tenens.


As a clinician, you are an expert in your field. You may have written research papers or submitted to medical journals, but have you looked for other ways to share your expertise or create a dialogue with colleagues? Blogs are a good place to share information on your practice, your latest service offerings, or topics that are relevant to your patients. Sharing that expertise via blogs is another way to bring attention to you and your practice and establish your credibility.

Contribute to Medical Publications

If you do not have the time to maintain a blog or social media account, consider contributing to association and professional newsletters, local papers on relevant news, and publications like Psychiatric Times™.

Ms Grabl is president of CompHealth, the nation’s largest provider of locum tenens physicians and founder of the traveling physician industry.

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