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Here is a sampling of contributions about telepsychiatry submitted during the pandemic, as well as on-demand information from the Psychiatric Times Webinar that took place in May, in case you missed it.


Nearly a thousand registrants signed up for the Telepsychiatry Webinar: Prepare Your Practice for COVID and Beyond, on May 18, 2020. It was hosted by Chris Aiken, MD, with special guests, Jay H. Shore, MD, MPH, and Peter Yellowlees, MBBS, MD.

Below is the URL for the OnDemand version. All that is needed is a quick login to view the presentation:

A number of psychiatrists have contributed submissions about telepsychiatry during COVID-19, highlighting the need for information as our society transitions to technological formats to communicate during and after the pandemic. The following is just a sampling of resources at Psychiatric Times, which can also be found at

Research in the Time of COVID-19: Virtual and Digital Technology in Studies of Early Psychosis

The use of technology that supports remote methods of communication, assessment, and mental health care has become timelier, and important for researchers to adopt, refine, and implement. Authors who contributed are Rachel Loewy, PhD; Dost Ongur, MD, PhD; Tara A. Niendam, PhD; Piper Meyer-Kalos, PhD, LP; Sophia Vinogradov, MD; and Ragy R. Girgis, MD, MS.

Reflections on the New Normal

Many physicians thought we could not overestimate the value of having a patient’s full, in-person attention, nonverbal cues and all. In the current crisis, all of that seems quaint. Robert Boland, MD.

In an Instant: The Changing Face of Psychiatry

FaceTime, Skype, and other video chat functions are the new normal in the COVID-19 era and allow this community psychiatrist to serve the underserved. P Priyanka, MD, explains in this special video.

Mental Health Issues When College Students Are Sent Home by COVID-19

Dr John Greden discusses many issues around college mental health and the upheaval the COVID-19 pandemic is causing in this population.

Telepsychiatry Comes of Age, Reluctantly

Practical tips to help clinicians get started or to hone skills in telepsychiatry. A video by Chris Aiken, MD.

Developing the Capability for Virtual Consultation in the Age of COVID-19

Psychiatry is being thrown, ready or not, into the world of telemedicine. Here you will find lessons, tips, and answers to common questions from psychiatrists who have successfully taken the leap. This article was written by Sejal B. Shah, MD; Josepha A. Cheong, MD; and Robert Boland, MD.


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