Rorschach Test: Exploring Psychological Processes to Evaluate Psychosis


What's your first impression of this Rorschach-type image? Is there a place for Rorschach measures in assessing psychotic functioning?

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What is your first impression of this ink blot-and why? (Please leave your feedback in the comments box below.) Is there a place for Rorschach measures in evaluating psychosis? Have you found that a Rorschach test can yield insights not otherwise clear in the confines of a clinical encounter?

Recent research used derivatives of Comprehensive System and the Rorschach Performance Assessment System in a small sample for the assessment of psychotic functioning in schizophrenia.1 Researchers noted that "The results . . . generally provided evidence for the utility of the Rorschach in evaluating psychosis and for its use in a cross-national context."

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1. Dzamonja-Ignjatovic T, Smith BL, Djuric Jocic D, Milanovic M. A comparison of new and revised Rorschach measures of schizophrenic functioning in a Serbian clinical sample. J Pers Assess. 2013;95:471-478.

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