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Tipsheet: Psychiatric Referrals and Primary Care

October 28, 2013

Here, barriers to successful referral to a psychiatrist, principles of management of medically unexplained symptoms, and tips on when to refer a patient to a psychiatrist.

Death Anxiety and Health Reform

July 06, 2011

The United States has often been characterized as a nation of hypochondriacs. This is patently not true but TV bombardment by pharmaceutical advertisements stirs anxiety and illness fears in the many worried well in our midst.

Making Use of the 'Half We Know Already'

October 01, 1998

When Sigmund Freud gave his epochal lectures at Worcester's Clark University in the early 20th century, a young Harvard student named Alan Gregg was in the audience. Upon completion of his medical education and training as an internist, he would become a great visionary of psychiatry's role in the practice of medicine.