Author | Lawrence H. Climo, MD


News Headline: “Psychiatrist, Three Accusers Settle Out of Court”

March 23, 2020


Not that long ago I read a news story about three women who had reported that the psychiatrist treating them had insisted on sex.

An Irreverent Formulation and Antidote for an Intractable Guilt: A Second Opinion About Original Sin

March 20, 2020


It is the final phase of God’s work of Creation. It’s a wonderful plan but with an inherent and dreadful problem.

The Non-Binary Story and the Rescue of Self: Healing Stories of the Third Kind

February 26, 2020


A hypothetical first conversation with a non-binary person . . . One of us would be feeling nervous and the other certain-a phenomenon not unfamiliar to a psychiatrist, only here the roles would be reversed.

Veterans and Suicide: The Last Straw

December 31, 2019


Eulogies and Bedtime Stories: Reflections on My State Mental Hospital Service

November 22, 2019


“If someone were to write a book about your life, living with your illness, and all you have seen and suffered and survived, what might be a good title for that book?”

What Do Mass Murderers Have in Common?

October 23, 2019


It’s not mental illness.

The Changing Face of Psychiatry Over 50 Years: Remembering Integrities Lost and Found

September 26, 2019


With the goal of making psychiatric care more available, accessible, and affordable while maintaining the highest standards...comes the challenge of accomplishing this with limited resources.

Children Who Ask to Become Suicide Bombers

August 23, 2019


If psychiatrists can stand ready to help survivors of cults and kidnappings, and returning POWs, how is a child suicide-bomber applicant with approving parents any different?

You’re a Psychiatrist . . .

July 16, 2019


Words have power. These include the power to heal, especially words spoken by physicians, mental healers in particular-psychiatrists.

Locum Psychiatric Practice: Unexpected, Unheralded Benefits

May 31, 2019


People-staff and patients both-confide secrets to strangers. We all need to unburden in a way that won’t come back to bite us.