Richard Balon, MD




Top Paper of the Year-Integrative Management of ADHD: What the Evidence Suggests

January 06, 2011

More than half of parents who have children with ADHD treat their child’s symptoms with vitamins, dietary changes, and expressive therapies-but only a small minority tell their doctor. More in this podcast.

Clinical Manual of Sexual Disorders

February 23, 2010

This 3-part manual on sexual disorders is edited by 2 psychiatrists who have been engaged for more than 20 years in the clinical treatment of patients with sexual problems. Drs Balon and Segraves bring their rich experience to this field. Patients who have sexual disorders need extra time to present their questions of doubt, confusion, misunderstanding, and perhaps guilt and shame. They also need clarification and understanding-and possible answers and reassurance.

A New Tool for Teaching Psychopharmacology

April 16, 2008

Everyone would probably agree that the practice of clinical psychiatry has changed profoundly over the second half of the past century. One of the most remarkable changes has been the rapid development and expansion of clinical psychopharmacology, which has become, like it or not, a dominant part of the clinical practice of most psychiatrists. Available treatments for mental disorders changed and our armamentarium broadened. We have numerous medications for psychiatric disorders. We even use medications for disorders traditionally considered only amenable to and suitable for psychotherapy.

Toward an Improved Nosology of Sexual Dysfunctions in DSM-V

August 01, 2007

Sexual dysfunctions as distinct syndromes were first identified in DSM-III in 1980. At that time, sets of criteria were specified for inhibited sexual desire, inhibited sexual excitement, inhibited female orgasm, inhibited male orgasm, premature ejaculation, dyspareunia, and functional vaginismus.

Special Report: Anxiety Disorders Across the Life Span

March 01, 2006

The focus of this Special Report on anxiety disorders is not accidental. Anxiety disorders are, probably next to substance abuse, the most common mental disorders in the general population, and definitely the most common mental disorders among children and adolescents.