Robert I. Simon, MD


Suicide Risk Screening Alert: Identifying Risk Factors

September 10, 2012

Clinical tools and intervention options are available to the psychiatrist treating the suicidal patient. The severity of the patient’s psychiatric condition and the clinician’s experience and training will determine the interventions.

Enhancing Suicide Risk Assessment Through Evidence-Based Psychiatry

January 02, 2009

Suicide risk assessment is a core competency that all psychiatrists must have.1 A competent suicide assessment identifies modifiable and treatable protective factors that inform patient treatment and safety management.2 Psychiatrists, unlike other medical specialists, do not often experience patient deaths, except by suicide. Patient suicide is an occupational hazard. A clinical axiom holds that there are 2 kinds of psychiatrists: those who have had patients commit suicide-and those who will.

Is It a "True" Emergency? Suicidal Patients' Access to Their Psychiatrists

February 01, 2008

When a suicidal patient in crisis calls the psychiatrist and hears the recorded message, "If you have a 'true' emergency, go to your nearest emergency room or call 911," the patient's risk of suicide may increase.

Suicide Risk: Assessing the Unpredictable

December 01, 2003

This summary of the special report looks at various new ways to assess and treat for suicidal ideation, risk and behavior.