Paul Weigle, MD


Dopamine Detoxification for Problematic Gaming

Problematic gaming is challenging to treat. Here's how you can get started.

Hannah Simon, MD


How to Talk to Teenagers About Substance Use

Scare tactics don’t work. But scientific education might. Here are tips for talking with teenaged patients about keeping themselves and their friends safe.

Rania Awaad, MD


Psychiatrists Concerned With the Afghanistan Situation: Ethical and Practical Issues

What can psychiatrists do to help veterans, Muslims, immigrants, refugees, and all those affected by the US withdrawal?

Mitch Medley


Keeping the Scales Balanced

A behavior analyst shares his stories and information on establishing appropriate replacement behaviors for patients with traumatic brain injuries and problematic behavior.

Sasidhar Gunturu, MD


Advice for Early Career Psychiatrists & Residents Following the APA Annual Meeting

Here's what you need to do following big conferences like the 2024 APA Annual Meeting.

Wayne Hellstrom, MD


Sex, Drugs, and Psychosis: Reviewing Psychiatric Medications’ Taboo Side Effect

The sexual side effects of psychiatric medications are troubling enough that some patients consider treatment cessation. The authors review 5 strategies for managing sexual dysfunction.

Colleen A. Sloan, PhD


Validation of Minoritized Experiences: It’s What’s Been Missing

Interventions that rely solely on change lack balance. This is especially true when working with minoritized individuals who have very real and justified pain stemming from systemic problems.

Jeremy Kranz


Move Over Data, Brain Capital is the New Oil

What consequences will big data and artificial intelligence have on brain health and economics?

Andrew Wister, PhD


Building Brain Resilience: A Multi-Level Systems Approach

Beyond the COVID-19-driven shock, we must develop a resilient future in an increasingly uncertain world.

Jeff Sugar, MD


Some Words for the Graduates

One psychiatrist shares some words of wisdom for the class of 2022.

Ben Greenberg, MD, PhD


An Update on Neuromodulation

What are some of the most exciting emerging and established methods?

Brian Hurley, MD, MBA, DFASAM


Substance Use Disorder: A Brain Disease

Medication, counseling, and support—just as important in substance use disorder treatment as any other brain disease.

Yuri Maricich, MD


Introducing the First FDA-authorized Prescription Digital Therapeutic for Chronic Insomnia

A new treatment has been found effective for treating a common sleep disorder.

Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, CSP


Take Time for Kindness and Gratitude

Busy clinicians can benefit from a few minutes of self-care a day.

Inger Burnett-Zeigler, PhD


Factoring Loneliness

What factors make individuals more susceptible to loneliness? Gender? Race? Age?

Elisabeth Netherton, MD


Mothers With Borderline Personality Disorder Often Experience Trauma

Mothers with borderline personality disorder often have experienced early-life trauma. How can you help?

Fuad Khan, MD, MBA


Establishing Human Connection

What makes your patient feel good and what breaks them apart?

Nicole Martinez-Martin, PhD


Navigating the Ethical Landscape of Digital Therapeutics

Digital therapeutics need to be integrated into care ethically, but how?

Michael Hogan


Let’s Build Brains Better! Brain Science-Inspired Policies for the Future

In order to face the rapidly changing, increasingly complex, and globally connected world, we need to focus on the importance of early brain and child development.

Aleksandar Skuban, MD


Clinical Advances in Treating PPD on the Horizon

A new treatment in development is poised to be a game-changer for patients with postpartum depression.

Afroz Shamim, MD


Headaches: The Common, Challenging Comorbidity

What's the best way to manage headaches and psychiatric disorders?

Jason Beaman, DO, MS, MPH


Insights From the 2022 AAPL Annual Meeting

The American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law hosted its first in-person meeting in October 2022. Check out these highlights.

Karen Drexler, MD


Medical Marijuana May be Sold in Pharmacies, But It Is Not a Medicine

A look at the distinction between qualifying conditions and FDA-approved indications for medical marijuana use.

Steven Sust, MD


Child Psychiatrists: We Desperately Need More Shows Like & Juliet

This show is an example of how performances can be used to improve public mental health through inclusive and authentic positive representation, and inspiring hope.

Kyle Hodges, MD, PGY-4, CAP Fellow


Chemotherapy-Induced Psychosis in an Adolescent

Check out this case study to learn more about how viral infections might play a role in triggering psychotic disorders.

Albert Dickan, MD


Exploring the Role of Brexpiprazole in Alzheimer Dementia Agitation

How efficacious is brexpiprazole as a treatment for agitation associated with Alzheimer disease?

Maryam Sorkhou, PhD (Cand)


Intimate Partner Violence Victimization: How It Relates to Substance Use in Women

In this CME, review the risks and clinical implications of intimate partner violence on women’s substance use and treatment.

Jamie Sandys


Wish for Hope

New Make-A-Wish study gives eye-opening insight into the mental and emotional impact of wish-granting for children battling critical illnesses.

Judith Joseph, MD, MBA


A Psychiatrist’s Journey in Social Media Advocacy and Clinical Research

Judith Joseph, MD, MBA, shares her journey of balancing clinical work with social media mental health advocacy.

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