Giselle Plata, DO, MPH


Next Steps: Solutions and Recommendations For Healing

Climate change is a devastating existential threat that can exaggerate preexisting inequities and health/mental health problems. As mental health professionals committed to understanding deep emotional wounds and addressing complexities of relationships, psychiatrists have the tools to assist in bridging the current gaps.

Vanessa Lentz, MD, MSc


From Languishing to Flourishing: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

What can be done to mitigate stress and reduce burnout?

Katie Hobbins


Pediatricians Submit 300+ Personal Gun Violence Testimonies to Congressional Record

The American Academy of Pediatrics included these testimonies in a statement submitted to the US Senate Judiciary Committee in advance of the committee’s hearing on gun violence prevention.

Mark C. Russell, PhD


Treatment of Military Populations

What psychiatric illnesses are most prevalent among veterans? And how can clinicians help them overcome obstacles to care?

Christopher Reist, MD


Anger Among Health Care Professionals

It is an uncomfortable emotion that is often suppressed—but potent.

Amal Mumtaz, MD


Medication Modification Equivalent for Virtual and In-Person Psychiatric Visits

Mental health leads with 36% of all outpatient visits and 39% of all telehealth services. What effect does this have on psychiatric practice?

Rakin Hoq, MD


Black Americans’ Distrust of the COVID-19 Vaccine

A case for why psychiatrists should discuss the COVID vaccines with their patients.

Maison Abu Raya, MD


The Border Zone Between bvFTD and Primary Psychiatric Disorders

In this CME, learn more about frontotemporal lobar degeneration and the several overlapping syndromes that it encompasses, as well as how to distinguish behavioral variant frontotemporal lobar degeneration from other psychiatric disorders.

Amilcar Arnaldo Tirado, MD, MBA


Lessons From a Difficult Year

A year after being hospitalized with COVID, a physician considers the pandemic’s larger meaning for American medicine—and for American society.

Carl D. Marci, MD


Defining Treatment-Resistant Depression

Does treatment-resistant depression exist? These 2023 APA Annual Meeting panelists discuss definitions in this exclusive video.

Joanne Ahola, MD


Psychiatrists Call for End to Cruel and Harmful Immigration Policy

The Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (America’s mental health think tank) calls for an end to the use of Title 42 to expel asylum seekers at the southern border. This policy places LGBTIQ asylum seekers in particular danger.

Magali Fleur-Barnoux, PhD, CPsychol


Understanding Adult Fire Setting, Pyromania, and Arson

Fire setting is the current preferred term in the literature to describe acts of deliberately started fires regardless of their legal or diagnostic status.

Adam Simmons, MPH


Sharing the Results: ALKS 3831

ALKS 3831, if approved by the FDA, could be a promising new treatment option for schizophrenia or bipolar I disorder.

Scott Simpson, MD, MPH


After COVID-19 and Beyond the Opioid Wave

Lessons from the opioid epidemic should be applied to cases of methamphetamine abuse.

Robbi M. Kulik


Grief After Suicide

An adolescent psychiatric RN shares “Heavy Damage,” a poem about managing grief after losing a loved one to suicide.

Sherin Khan, LCSW


New Digital Psychiatry Tools to Improve Care

The last year has seen an unprecedented shift in the medical landscape, and mental health care is no exception. Experts look at the evidence and risks of digital tools, apps, telehealth, and other technologies for the treatment of serious mental illness.

Mamuna Fuad, MCRC


Establishing Human Connection

What makes your patient feel good and what breaks them apart?

Orli Avi-Yonah, PhD


To Disclose or Not to Disclose? Lessons From a Dying Therapist

When therapists are terminally ill, should they err on the side of self-disclosure or silence?

Alhasan Ghazzawi, MD


Psychiatrists Call for End to Cruel and Harmful Immigration Policy

The Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (America’s mental health think tank) calls for an end to the use of Title 42 to expel asylum seekers at the southern border. This policy places LGBTIQ asylum seekers in particular danger.

Laurel Blackman, DO, MBA


What Happens to One of Us, Happens to All of Us

Eradicating structural racism takes actions both big and small. Read more to learn about one doctor’s experience and what you can do in your own practice.

Talwinder Sidhu


Meditating on the Breath of Life

By separating patients from their thoughts, meditation can reduce stress and anxiety.

Deeba Ashraf, MD


Tumbling Into Telepsychiatry in the COVID-19 Era: Challenges and Hope

The are many elements to consider during this massive migration to telepsychiatry. Nonverbal, physical, and socioeconomic factors are all significant considerations of the shift in frame.

Sebastian F. Winter, MD


Brain Capital: An Emerging Investment Opportunity

Brain Capital: a fresh approach to technologies and investing.

Bettina Bohle-Frankel, MD


Treatment Challenges for College Psychiatrists and Their Patients

The pandemic has brought into focus treatment barriers, disruption in care, and possibly negative outcomes in the mental health of university students. To better understand the specific challenges of out-of-state students, the authors conducted an anonymous national survey of college psychiatrists.

Joshua T. Kantrowitz, MD


A New Drug for Schizophrenia-Related Cognitive Impairments?

Listen to discussion on results from a recent Phase 1b clinical trial.

Ethan Lazarus, MD, FOMA


Inclusivity: Ensuring Patients Who Are Plus-Size Feel Welcome

A welcoming environment that fosters inclusivity is the first step in establishing a good therapeutic relationship.

Ravi N. Shah, MD, MBA


Technology-Enabled Care: The Future of Our Field

What will psychiatric practice look like in the year 2030?

Bethany Hughes, MD


Insights From the 2022 AAPL Annual Meeting

The American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law hosted its first in-person meeting in October 2022. Check out these highlights.

Laura Jana, MD


Let’s Build Brains Better! Brain Science-Inspired Policies for the Future

In order to face the rapidly changing, increasingly complex, and globally connected world, we need to focus on the importance of early brain and child development.

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