Maria Ferrara, MD, PhD


It’s Time to Think of Women: Mental Health Services for First-Episode Psychosis

It is time for gender-sensitive first-episode psychosis services.

Stephen T. Wong, PhD


Brain Capital: An Emerging Investment Opportunity

Brain Capital: a fresh approach to technologies and investing.



Advice for Clinicians Treating Schizophrenia

Sanjai Rao, MD, DFAPA, and Kimberly Garcia, DNP, CRNP provide some advice to clinicians on explaining schizophrenia to patients and caregivers to achieve understanding and therapy adherence.

Ramiro Salas, PhD


From Theory to Real-World Practice: Clinical Integration of Digital Therapeutics

Digital therapeutics may be the biggest paradigm-shifting change medicine has seen yet...

Jacob Lee, MD


Resolution 420: A Golden Opportunity for Sustainable Care

The climate crisis is increasingly challenging human well-being. What can the psychiatric field do to help?

Haramandeep Singh, MD


Narcolepsy Treatment Advice

In this custom video series, Debra Stultz, MD, and Haramandeep Singh, MD, share advice for community-based psychiatrists on the management of narcolepsy.

Cara Altimus, PhD


Smart Growth: the Case for Measuring Brain Capital

Brain health disorders cost the global economy more than $3 trillion per year in lost productivity. What can we do about it?

Sarah Hancock, MS, CRC


Raising Doubts About ECT

ECT has been in use for decades, but does that mean it is safe or effective?

Ernestine Fu, PhD


Brain Capital Foundry: Accelerating Responsible Innovation

How can this new model help us link brain-based innovation with economics?

Nat Mulkey, MD


What the Mental Health Crisis Looks Like on the Ground Level

During the first day on the job, a psychiatry resident sees patients who need help, but there are problems with the system designed to help them.

Mark Crozier


Cannabis-Based Medicine Without the Addiction Risks?

Research on a new kind of cannabis treatment prepares to move forward.

Tobias Schwippel, MD


Spotlight on Neurostimulation: Research Innovation Award

Innovation award presented to early career psychiatrist promotes exploration and research in the use of neurostimulation for psychiatric disorders.

Joseph Fondriest, MD


Telepsychiatry: Diverse Needs Require Diverse Options

COVID-19 has prompted an unprecedented shift toward virtual psychiatric health care—but how do patients and providers really feel about it?

Rola Aamar, PhD


Anger Among Health Care Professionals

It is an uncomfortable emotion that is often suppressed—but potent.

Rose Mary Xavier, PhD, MS, RN, PMHNP-BC


Prevention and Early Detection of Tardive Dyskinesia

In this custom video series, Rose Mary Xavier, PhD, MS, RN, PMHNP-BC, shares advice that can be helpful to community providers who manage children and adult patients prescribed antipsychotic therapy about screening for involuntary body movements and early signs of tardive dyskinesia.

Pawel Swieboda


Brain Capital: An Emerging Investment Opportunity

Brain Capital: a fresh approach to technologies and investing.

Katherine D. Crist, MD


Perspectives on Global Women’s Mental Health

This diverse group of women came together to explore the challenges in treating mental illness in patients who identify as female.

Philip J. Candilis, MD


Surviving Vaccine Hesitancy Together

What is the mindset of “anti-vaxxers,” and how can you connect with them as a clinician?

Rym Ayadi, PhD


How Cities Can Boost Brain Capital

In a shock-prone world, city-level thinking is a new approach to optimizing the brain health and brain skills of citizens.

Milton L. Wainberg, MD


Challenges and Opportunities Beyond COVID-19

How can recognizing the pandemic's impact on MSDs help us increase funding, research, and implementation of MSD treatment?

Adrienne Saxton, MD


Between Stoned and a Hard Place? Navigating Cannabis Medicolegal Issues

Given the significant variation in medical cannabis laws amongst states and the continually shifting legal landscape regarding its use, medical cannabis presents a unique challenge for medical professionals who consider recommending it to their patients

Wilsa M.S. Charles Malveaux, MD, MA


May We Never Forget

Black history is American history and world history.

Jennifer Holton, MD


Can This Cancer Treatment Cause Manic Episodes?

A case report and literature review of intrathecal methotrexate-induced mania.

Rahn Kennedy Bailey, MD


Recognizing the Contributions and the Struggles of Black Psychiatrists

“It is of the utmost importance to provide culturally competent forensic psychiatric services that are better suited to the needs of the African American community.”

Joelle Prevost, MCP, RCC


Helping Patients Thrive This Holiday Season

Are your patients feeling stressed out? Here are 10 tips to share with them for a less stressful holiday season.

Gonzalo Laje, MD, FAPA


ADHD and the COVID-19 Pandemic

What are the unique challenges for individuals with ADHD?

Giselle Plata, DO, MPH


Next Steps: Solutions and Recommendations For Healing

Climate change is a devastating existential threat that can exaggerate preexisting inequities and health/mental health problems. As mental health professionals committed to understanding deep emotional wounds and addressing complexities of relationships, psychiatrists have the tools to assist in bridging the current gaps.

Vanessa Lentz, MD, MSc


From Languishing to Flourishing: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

What can be done to mitigate stress and reduce burnout?

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