Cody Zaiontz, LPC


The Healing Power of Animals

How does a love of animals affect PTSD and other mental health conditions?

Erin Crown, MHS, PA-C


Research and Opportunities at the 2024 ASCP Annual Meeting

Erin Crown, MHS, PA-C, shares her thoughts on ASCP, the annual meeting, and more.

Daniela Brunner, PhD


Harnessing the Power of AI Technology for Drug Discovery Treatments

What is the buzz about the power of artificial intelligence?

Charolette Lippolis Condon, DO, MPH, FAPA


Unique Collaborative Care System: Solution to the Youth Mental Health Crisis

Integrated models of care offer real time solutions by enabling primary care to identify and address behavioral health concerns through routine screening and early intervention more efficiently. Learn more here.

Jeanie Tse, MD


The Clubhouse Model for Depression and Serious Mental Illnesses

What is the Clubhouse model of psychosocial rehabilitation, and how can it benefit both patients and clinicians alike?

Lori Pittinger, MD


Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Earn CME Credit by learning more about multiple sclerosis and how it affects patients.

Emmanuel De Jesus Gaeta, MPH, MS4


Examining Risks of Reversible Clomiphene-Associated Manic Episodes to Patients

"Cumulatively, the findings of such reports have led to a concerted effort to encourage physicians to monitor patients for manic symptoms on initiation, reintroduction, and dose modulation of corticosteroid therapy."

Hannah W. Burley, MD


The Double-Edged Sword of Social Media: Exploring the Complex Relationships Between Social Media Use and Youth Mental Health

Youth today have a relatively nuanced and mixed experience with social media. How can you best navigate this relationship as a mental health clinician?

RJ Tesi, MD


Ushering in the Golden Era of Alzheimer Drug Development?

What effect will aducanumab have on Alzheimer disease treatment?

Matt Hoffman


FDA Approves New Medication for Migraine Prevention

The US Food and Drug Administration approves first of its kind medication for migraine prevention.

Seth D. Norrholm, PhD


Most Mass Shooters are Terrorists, Not Mentally Ill

The misperception of gunmen as “crazy” is damaging. Here’s why.

Claudia G. Heidenreich


Suicide in Older Adults: Advances and the Role of Technology in Treatment

Recent updates in suicide prevention interventions for older adults and how a novel tablet application may provide relief to individuals at high risk of suicide.

Valentim Gentil, MD, PhD


Studying Stress at a Molecular Level

If depression impairs the brain’s processes at a molecular level, would the same be true of stress more generally?

Stephen Stahl, MD, PhD


Role of Neurologists and Psychiatrists in Narcolepsy Management

In this custom video series, experts in sleep and neuroscience discuss the role of neurologists, psychiatrists, and sleep specialists in the treatment of narcolepsy and comorbid conditions.

Mark Heinemeyer


Mind-Body Resilience for Women: A Focus on Depression

Here’s why we should be paying special attention to women's depression treatment.

Jennifer Howse, MD


Surviving Survivorship

Surviving is harder than it looks…

Agustin Ibañez, PhD


How Cities Can Boost Brain Capital

In a shock-prone world, city-level thinking is a new approach to optimizing the brain health and brain skills of citizens.

Juliann Tea, MD


To Treat or Not to Treat? The Conundrum of Likeability

Treating patients who may be perceived as “unlikeable” can be difficult.

Russell Surasky, FAAN, ABAM, ABPM


Telepsychiatry: A Life Saving Solution

The pandemic's effect on the mental health and addiction communities has been severe. Luckily, there's a temporary solution: telemedicine.

Maryam Sharif-Razi, MSc


Mental Health Stigma for Providers: A Hidden Challenge Among Us

Stigma poses a serious risk to quality of care and accessibility.

Arrash Allayhar


Evidence-Based Ways to Improve Mental Health

These 2 medical students want to share their helpful handouts with you and your patients. Watch the video to learn more.

Julie Wolfson, LMSW


College Re-Entry Program for Patients with Psychiatric Illness

For students with mental health diagnoses, this program can help with enrolling or re-enrolling in college.

Veronica Kelley, DSW


Digital Health as an Enabler for Patient-Centric, Outcome-Based Care

Considering challenges and opportunities in digital health solutions for mental health care.

Terry A. Schwartz, MD


Pharmacological Management of Treatment-Resistant Anorexia Nervosa

Only 13% to 50% of AN patients are considered recovered 1 to 2 years posttreatment, and 20% to 30% go on to develop a chronic and unremitting course of AN. How can we improve these outcomes?

Bill Saltzman, PhD


Supporting a Child Who Has Lost a Parent to COVID-19

What are some practical ideas for helping families who may be dealing with a COVID-19 death?

Tori Marsh, MPH


Mental Health Deserts for American Indians and Alaska Natives

How can you better provide care for American Indians and Alaska Natives?

Kanta Ukrani, MD


Too Tired for More: How Best to Treat Multifactorial Fatigue

Fatigue: a very common physical complaint that often accompanies depressive disorders.

Emily R. Boyer, MSIV


Genital Self-Mutilation: A Cutting Conundrum

This form of nonsuicidal self-injury occurs within a spectrum of severity, and it is very likely that cases are both underreported and unpublished.

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