Christine Juang, PhD


Recognizing and Addressing Psychiatric Implications of Sleep Disorders

What sleep disorders are common in older adults and what are the associated risk factors and correlates?

Uyen-Khanh Quang-Dang, MD, MS


The Model Minority Myth and Medicine: Racism, Sexism, and Mental Health

What is the model minority myth and how is it harming us all?

Yvonne Uyanwune, MD, MPH


The Cost of Silence on Racism: A Dialogue

An early career psychiatrist and resident psychiatrist reflect on their racialized experiences in predominantly white spaces and the impact on their lives.

Jay Ruderman, JD


Running Mental Health Stigma Off the Field

What social and scientific advances could help elite athletes with mental illnesses?

Mercedes Martinez, MD


Where Are the Brilliant, Unstoppable Psychiatrists Today?

Is the mental health system crumbling? One psychiatrist wonders who will take up the mantles of the innovative and socially conscious physicians who came before.

Serena Jenkins, PhD


Telling Humanity’s Brain Story: Insights From Brain Capital

Which innovations can improve measurement, technology, investment, and public policy surrounding brain health?

Chinenye Onyemaechi, MD


Facing Anxiety and Depression

More than ever, psychiatrists are encountering patients who may have never experienced mental health issues.

John Bracaglia


Supporting Those Who Support Us

Here’s how providing tailored mental health support for health care professionals can help alleviate burnout and other mental health challenges within health care.

Souparno Mitra, MD


Exploring a Medical Mimic: Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Pathophysiology

In this CME, review the pathophysiology of anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor encephalitis.

Jesse Proudman


5 Crypto Investing Rules for Busy Doctors

Cryptocurrency can be complicated, but with these 5 tips, you can plan your best investment moves.

Bowen F. White, MD


Prose, Poetry, Prayer

One doctor shares 3 interconnected pieces relating to the 3 Ps: prose, poetry, and prayer.

Lisa Harding, MD


Various Definitions of Treatment Resistant Depression

Don't miss this session at the APA 2023 Annual Meeting in San Francisco!

Ahmed Ahmed, MD, MSc


The Impact of Cannabis Use on Medication Nonadherence in Psychiatry

Cannabis use disorder and nonadherence: How can we best educate patients?

Julianne F. Andrews, MBA, CFP, AIF


Avoid These Common Retirement Mistakes

Are you properly planning for retirement?

Mitchell Rovner, MD


Psychiatrists’ Response to Human Trafficking: An Update

How to help individuals caught in human trafficking: person-centered, culturally humble, trauma-informed care.

Rakesh Amin, MD


Schizophrenia: Current Treatment Options and Considerations

How do we find the right treatments for our patients with schizophrenia at every step of their journey?

William Hynes, DPhil


Telling Humanity’s Brain Story: Insights From Brain Capital

Which innovations can improve measurement, technology, investment, and public policy surrounding brain health?

Theodore Edmonds, JD, MHA


How Cities Can Boost Brain Capital

In a shock-prone world, city-level thinking is a new approach to optimizing the brain health and brain skills of citizens.

Megan Greene


Brain Science Must Be on COP 26 Agenda

As the COP-26 (Conference of the Parties) gets ready to convene to discuss climate change, it is crucial for them to consider brain science.

Carol L Shultis, MEd


Music Therapy for Inpatient Psychiatric Care in the 1990s

Faced with the trend toward shorter length of stay in inpatient psychiatric units, practitioners and patients in need of care face dramatic changes in treatment.

Manny Garcia, MD


What To Do in San Diego

The president of the San Diego Psychiatric Society gives us a glimpse into the city for the upcoming 2022 Annual Psychiatric Times World CME Conference.

Jordan Rosenfeld


Eight Best Practices for Medical Malpractice Defense

Experts share their best practices and tips.

Larissa J. Mooney, MD


Current Treatments for Cannabis Use Disorder

While there are no FDA-approved medications available for CUD, some studies show potential off-label utility in mitigating withdrawal and maintaining abstinence. Learn more in this CME article.

Siddhi Bhivandkar, MD


Buprenorphine and Its Therapeutic Potential in Psychiatric Disorders

Researchers discuss new research on buprenorphine, the “gold standard” treatment for opioid use disorder at the APA Annual Meeting.

Ana M. Ugueto, PhD, ABPP


Special Considerations for SGM Youth Online

Online environments have revolutionized the lives of young SGM individuals, but also created unforeseen issues...

Mike Hennessy Jr


A Time for Remembering

Psychiatric Times® salutes our armed forces and remembers those who have fallen during service.

Stephen Gibson, PharmD, Rph


Using Collaborative Care to Improve Outcomes for Patients With Schizophrenia and COVID-19

Individuals with schizophrenia have experienced an increase in psychiatric, medical, and treatment risks because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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