Jenna R. Carl, PhD


Issues in Regulating DTx

We need policies that make digital therapeutics accessible and acceptable to a broad patient audience. What barriers are there to reaching that goal?

Elise Fallucco, MD


Collaborative and Integrated Care in Pediatrics: Part of the Solution to the Child Mental Health Crisis

In this CME, learn more about implementing formal or informal collaboration with the primary care clinicians with whom you share care of your child patients.

Beata Bliss Lewis, MD


Herbal Medicine: What Psychiatrists Need to Know

Herbal medicines have been used to treat mental health disorders since ancient times, and continue to be useful today.

Preeti N. Malani, MD, MSJ


Mental Health on College Campuses: Supporting Faculty and Staff

How can we support faculty and staff mental health to benefit those individuals, as well as students and educational institutions?

Mahi Raju


Exploring Vital Amines: The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of B12 Deficiency

Key nutrients are essential to maintaining health. Here's an overview of B12.

Sterling M. McPherson, PhD


Contingency Management Is a Powerful Clinical Tool for Treating Substance Use Research Evidence and New Practice Guidelines for Use

Contingency management is an effective behavior change technique commonly used to treat substance use disorders.

Luigi Grassi, MD


A Simple Concept With Complex Implications

Comorbidity: The concept is simple enough, but in practice, comorbidity drives complexity and presents the specters of diagnostic ambiguity and therapeutic unpredictability.

Jeffrey Cohen, PsyD


Radical Acceptance

Rejecting reality does not change it. How does radical acceptance help int he era of COVID-19?

Skip Simpson, JD


The Right Way to Avoid Malpractice Lawsuits

Practical tips for helping patients and simultaneously avoiding legal battles.

Frank Lopez, MD


ADHD: 3 Kids Per Classroom

Recent research indicates 6.1 million children, or 3 per classroom, possess the symptoms for an attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder diagnosis.

Venkata R. Jonnalagadda, MD, DFAPA, DFAACAP


Teachers on Edge

Here’s why educators are walking away from the profession they love.

Jack Keefe, PhD


Exploring Affect-Focused Psychotherapies for LGBTQ+ Patients With PTSD at APA 2023

Experts discuss findings from a new trial exploring affect-focused psychotherapies for LGBTQ+ patients with PTSD at the 2023 APA Annual Meeting.

Pepper Schwartz, PhD


Breaking the Confidence Bias

What is the difference between self-esteem and self-confidence to self-promote—and how does it affect women in clinical practice?

Nicole Tarui, MD


Multidisciplinary Program Improves Perinatal Depressive Symptoms

Study results presented at the 2023 American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.

Erica Richards, MD, PhD


The State of Mental Health of Black Women: Clinical Considerations

Women experience depression at rates twice that of men. But Black women are only half as likely to seek care as White women. Here's what you can do to help this population.

Mark R. Allen, MD


Setting the Standard for Sports Psychiatry

How can we raise the standard of excellence in the field of sports psychiatry?

Daniel Singley, PhD


Masculinity and Mental Health: Issues for Clinicians

How can we better understand the evolving roles of men and boys in society?

William Ellsworth


Avoiding a Brain Health Innovation Market Failure: Lessons from the Hype Cycle

New approaches to ensure that the brain health technology sector continues to flourish for decades.

Colin W. Burke, MD


Substance Use Among Adolescents and Young Adults

In this CME, check out best practices for screening and treating adolescents and young adults with substance use issues.

Chelsie Monroe, MSN, APN, PMHNP-BC


Non-Pharmacologic Interventions for Pediatric Patients with Narcolepsy

Experts on narcolepsy offer perspectives on non-pharmacologic interventions for pediatric patients with narcolepsy, including lifestyle changes.

Shannon T. Woolley, EdD


To Disclose or Not to Disclose? Lessons From a Dying Therapist

When therapists are terminally ill, should they err on the side of self-disclosure or silence?

Agnieszka D. Sekula, MS


Challenging the Status Quo of the Challenge to the Status Quo

How can a robust understanding of the altered-state experience drive the development of therapeutic frameworks that are designed around that experience?

Christine Juang, PhD


Recognizing and Addressing Psychiatric Implications of Sleep Disorders

What sleep disorders are common in older adults and what are the associated risk factors and correlates?

Ricky Madhavan, MD


Artificial Creativity: Humans versus AI

What does it mean to be creative?

Uyen-Khanh Quang-Dang, MD, MS


The Model Minority Myth and Medicine: Racism, Sexism, and Mental Health

What is the model minority myth and how is it harming us all?

Paige Bichler, MSN, RN


How Innovation Drives Access to Crisis Care in Rural Communities

Exploring new opportunities to offset the unique obstacles seen in rural communities.

Darshan H. Mehta, MD, MPH


Nurturing Resilience in the Wounded Healer

The challenge for clinicians lies in balancing the profound connection to patients’ suffering with the need to maintain personal resilience.

Yvonne Uyanwune, MD, MPH


The Cost of Silence on Racism: A Dialogue

An early career psychiatrist and resident psychiatrist reflect on their racialized experiences in predominantly white spaces and the impact on their lives.

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