Tom Ward, DClinPsy, PhD


Psychiatry’s Problem With Paranoia—Is Digital Part of the Solution?

A new digital therapeutic helps patients with psychosis to slow down and manage their fears.

Sarah Lateef


Surviving Survivorship

Surviving is harder than it looks…

Ping Zheng, MD, PhD


Resiliency and Posttraumatic Growth: Cultural Implications for Psychiatrists

Acknowledging a patient's ability to grow and recover may help them feel more understood despite ongoing suffering.

John M. Roll, PhD


Contingency Management Is a Powerful Clinical Tool for Treating Substance Use Research Evidence and New Practice Guidelines for Use

Contingency management is an effective behavior change technique commonly used to treat substance use disorders.

Daniel Morrison


Exploring PTSD and TBI in Sports and Military

How are these conditions connected, and what are the unique risks for athletes and military personnel?

Ronald Sommers, MD


Conversations With Artificial Intelligence: Mental Health vs Machine

Experts discuss mental health with artificial intelligence.

Dominik A. Moser, PhD


Consequences of Social Mitigation Strategies

Researchers found a significant drop in life expectancy from depression, alcohol dependence, suicidality, increased divorce rates, and childhood trauma that are a direct result of social distancing.

Madiha Khan


First Year International Resident Shares Thoughts on Psychiatry

A psychiatry resident from Mexico reflects on the field.

Ramon Solhkhah, MD


The Benefits of Wearing Personal Protective Equipment During the Pandemic

Mask-wearing can help protect individuals from COVID-19 infection—but it also has several other unexpected advantages.

Traudy F. Grande, CFP


Investing Tips in a Time of Crisis

Amidst this world of unknowns, the authors share some tips and advice to weather the financial fallout of this storm.

Taha Ansari, MD


Chemotherapy-Induced Psychosis in an Adolescent

Check out this case study to learn more about how viral infections might play a role in triggering psychotic disorders.

Rivka Tuval-Mashiach, PhD


The Psychological Impact of the Hamas Attack in Israel

“Israel is experiencing national trauma—one that is believed to signal long-lasting implications for the future.”

Elizabeth Wassenaar, MD, MS, CEDS-S, DFAPA


A Look at the Comorbidity of Eating Disorders and Addiction

An expert discusses this comorbidity, plus the effects of semaglutide and other GLP-1 agonists on this patient population.

Minoo Mahmoudi, MD


Clinical Insights for Treating Depression and Anxiety Youth

Child psychiatrists offer their real-world experience of what they have seen in practice, together with tips and suggestions for clinicians who may be seeing similar symptoms in their young patients.

Carla Sharp, PhD


Destigmatizing Personality Disorders

Don't miss these 2 APA Annual Meeting sessions on personality disorders!

Rashi Ojha, MD


Cybercriminal Exploitation of Cognitive Biases: A Brain Capital Perspective

How prioritizing brain health and brain skills could offer new solutions to this challenge.

Sameer Hassamal, MD


The Rise in Synthetic Cannabinoids and Cathinones

Cannabis has been heralded as a treatment for many conditions, but what about its psychiatric risks?

Ashvin Sood, MD


Psychiatry on TikTok: Providing Education to Teens in an Ethical Manner

84% of 500 TikToks offered inaccurate or potentially damaging medical advice. How can you address TikTok as a mental health professional?

Natalie Prohaska, MD


Eating Disorder Exploitation in Entertainment: Helping the Artists and Their Fans

Many artists who have struggled with an eating disorder are generating content that is promoted by the entertainment industry, and when these conditions go unaddressed, the content has the potential to influence consumers.

Raymond Faber, MD


One Friday in April: A Story of Suicide and Survival

One author shares his experience with suicidal, psychotic depression and the life events that he connects to its origins.

Kristi Rosa


DTx Receives FDA’s Breakthrough Device Designation for Anxiety and Depression Symptoms Associated With Cancer

The specialized device is being studied for patients receiving inpatient care for acute myeloid leukemia.

James Stockton, MD


The Three Line Model of Mental Health

Learn how to use this simple heuristic model, which illustrates both the interplay of social (historical and current), psychological, and biological factors in the development of psychopathology.

Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, MD, PhD


Fragile X Syndrome

Fragile X syndrome is one of the most common inherited causes of intellectual disability, right below Down syndrome. How are basic science findings being translated into treatments for patients with neurodevelopment disorders, like Fragile X syndrome?

Jason Winsky


Making Connections

How can mental health professionals and law enforcement work together to get individuals in mental health crisis the care they need?

Natali Rauseo-Ricupero, MSW, LCSW


Digital Technologies in Mental Health Care

Sometimes, the book is better than the movie; sometimes vice versa. But there is a lot we don't know as to why in-person therapy works for some and why digital works for others. In this video, experts discuss the evidence.

Alexander Lisinski, MD, PhD


Hooked on Hype? A Critical Examination of Recent Anti-Antidepressant Reporting

Here’s why most of the claims recently made about antidepressants in Newsweek are wrong.

Dhanya Kumar


Heart Failures

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