Psychiatric Times Vol 30 No 5

Benzodiazepines and Pain

May 15, 2013

Quick . . . name a class of prescription medications that, by most evidence, appears to be overprescribed and abused and the use of which has resulted in an increasing number of emergency department visits. If you said "opioids," you would be right.

The Moral Struggles of Practicing Psychiatrists

May 14, 2013

How often are you confronted with an ethical dilemma in your clinical practice? How comfortable-and how prepared-are you to deal with these issues? Those are just a few of the questions posed in the Psychiatric Times Ethics Survey-a survey that turned out to be the largest ever of its kind.

An Update on ADHD

May 07, 2013

Parents of children with ADHD frequently ask whether there are nonmedication treatments that are effective for managing their children’s symptoms of ADHD. A recent meta-analysis provides an answer to this clinically important question.

Trauma Associated With Living in Violent Neighborhoods

May 04, 2013

Psychiatrists need to understand how living in violent families and neighborhoods increases the likelihood of trauma and the psychiatric sequelae associated with it as well as how to respond in the aftermath.

Sweet Tea and Mental Health Transformation

May 03, 2013

Across our nation, mental health care funding and resources are either slashed to the bone or nonexistent. Yet, at the same time, there is a unique opportunity available right now for any and all who want to tackle reform.