Vol 34 No 3

Depression and Anxiety Disorders in Patients With Cancer

March 31, 2017

Psychiatrists need to understand the patient’s cancer diagnosis, staging, treatments and their adverse effects, and prognosis to appreciate the challenges the patient is coping with throughout treatment as well as survivorship or end-of-life.

Burden, Belonging, and Capability: An Interpersonal View of Military Suicides

March 29, 2017

It would be logical to attribute the surge of suicides in the military to simultaneous prolonged engagement in combat, repeated deployments, and attendant stress. But studies have failed to connect deployments to suicide risk.

Perinatal Psychiatry: Where Psychoanalytic Theory, Neuroscience, and Integrated Clinical Psychiatry Meet

March 24, 2017

From a psychodynamic and neurobiological perspective, the recommendation to screen all pregnant and postpartum women for depression and anxiety falls short of what is actually needed to improve the lives of many mothers and their infants and children.

Sexual Dysfunction: The Role of Clinical Psychiatry

March 20, 2017

Although many mysteries of sexual pathophysiology await illumination, patients may expect mental health professionals to provide guidance about their persistent sexual disappointments. Insights here.