Sexual Offenses

Conference Preview from the Cutting Edge

January 23, 2015

A look at the 2015 joint American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry (ASAP) and International Society for Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology (ISAPP) Scientific Meeting in March. There, the author will be presenting two sessions that address adolescent sexuality and sexual development issues.

Interventions for Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence

August 28, 2014

Substantial progress has been made in the development of etiologic models of intimate partner violence and interventions for individuals who assault their intimate partners. These authors provide details.

Psychiatric Patients in Prisons Are Frequent Rape Victims

October 21, 2013

Sexual abuse is shockingly common in the US prison system. It has been reported that about 200,000 prisoners are victims of coercive sex each year. Most of those abused are psychiatric patients misplaced in prison.

Trauma Associated With Living in Violent Neighborhoods

May 04, 2013

Psychiatrists need to understand how living in violent families and neighborhoods increases the likelihood of trauma and the psychiatric sequelae associated with it as well as how to respond in the aftermath.