Collaborating for Best Outcomes for Patients With Autoimmune Encephalitis

Autoimmune encephalitis is an unusual but important illness mental health care providers need to be aware of. Dr Deng and Dr Yeshokumar discuss.

In this Psychiatric Times Mental Health Minute, Dr Deng and Dr Yeshokumar, faculty from the Mount Sinai Health System department of neurology, discuss autoimmune encephalitis, an emerging neuropsychiatric disorder. Their goal is to raise awareness of this unusual but very important illness for which mental health providers play a crucial role in diagnosis and care.

In addition to touching on different clinical features that might lead mental health providers to consider the diagnosis, they also discuss long term management strategies, including recognition of broad psychosocial ramifications as well as individual cognitive and psychiatric sequelae.

Dr Deng is an Assistant Professor and neurologist with Mount Sinai Health System. Dr Yeshokumar is an Assistant Professor and autoimmune neurologist with Mount Sinai Health System.

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