Colliding Forces and the Human Psyche


Reflections on the impact love and hatred can have on the human psyche.

Love and hate

Kateryna Kovarzh/Adobestock


Compassion now has a nemesis

a flummoxed compass directing

antonyms to detour toward hubris

an unfamiliar destination

Love once a Goliath stalwart

ravenous in its pursuit

arcing toward pale vessels

halted by predatory bullets

filled with antipathy

Hades hail storm

engulfs divisive hearts

free hugs and kisses satire

paradoxical umbrellas

soaking impenetrable souls

Red envy venom

covets social networks

fickle clouds reveal plight

terror a new color in the sky

Dinner tables disrupted

Tiny Tim aghast

a toast to meritocracy

clash of fury reverberates

a frenzy to repent

Battle of juxtaposition

angels and demons

dissenting voices salivate

free will a steady pendulum

weighing on humanity

Dr Clark is an outpatient psychiatrist at Prisma Health-Upstate and clinical associate professor at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Greenville. He served on the American Psychiatric Association’s Task Force to Address Structural Racism Throughout Psychiatry, and he currently serves as the Diversity and Inclusion section editor and advisory board member for Psychiatric TimesTM.

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