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Psychiatric TimesPsychiatric Times Vol 36, Issue 2
Volume 36
Issue 2

On behalf of the editorial staff, we are very pleased to welcome Dr John J. Miller as the new Editor in Chief of Psychiatric Times and Dr Scott L. Zeller who recently joined our Editorial Board.






On behalf of the editorial staff, I am very pleased to welcome Dr John J. Miller as the new Editor in Chief of Psychiatric Times. Dr Miller knows Psychiatric Times well, he was a contributing author for many years before joining the Editorial Board. Having worked with him over the past few years, I know that his standards are high, but he is a joy to work with.

Dr Miller is Medical Director of Brain Health in Exeter, NH, staff psychiatrist at Seacoast Mental Health Center, consulting psychiatrist at Exeter Hospital, and psychopharmacology consultant to psychiatric clinical nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, and physicians. He has delivered more than 2700 lectures nationally on topics related to the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacogenomics of psychiatric medications.

He earned his medical degree at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, where he completed his residency in adult psychiatry. Why psychiatry? “I studied biochemistry in college, which I continue to study to this day. A course in molecular evolution lit a fire of passion to understand the nature of the universe at multiple levels, which still burns in my soul. I initially planned to obtain a PhD in genetics, but ultimately decided to attend medical school. As a psychiatrist, I continue to learn about consciousness through both my love of biochemistry and mindfulness. I have worked part time for the past 11 years at our local community mental health center, where I enjoy treating patients. I feel fortunate to spend most of my time learning, lecturing, writing, and consulting. This is my 27th year as the volunteer psychiatric consultant at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA, which provides me with a constant reminder of the importance of my own practice of meditation.”

In his spare time, Dr Miller enjoys spending time in nature, hiking and boating, and exploring different countries and cultures. He has lived for the past 20 years in the sea coast area of New Hampshire with his wife Deborah and 23-year-old son Jason.

As Editor in Chief, Dr Miller will be heading a distinguished group of psychiatrists who serve on our Editorial Board. Our Board plays a key role in guiding the editorial direction of Psychiatric Times-they write articles and columns, serve as peer reviewers, and provide feedback on everything we publish.

I also welcome Dr Scott L. Zeller who recently joined our Editorial Board. Dr Zeller is Vice President for Acute Psychiatry at Vituity and a leading expert in emergency psychiatry. He played an integral part in the development of guidelines for the evaluation and treatment of agitation. He is a past president of the American Association for Emergency Psychiatry, and he was elected Chair of the Coalition on Psychiatric Emergencies in 2019.

Dr Zeller lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his wife of 23 years and their teenage son. In his spare time, Dr Zeller enjoys travelling and spending time in the outdoors.

Dr Allan Tasman and Dr Michelle Riba have stepped down from their roles as Editor in Chief and Deputy Editor, respectively, of Psychiatric Times. They now join the ranks of the distinguished Editors in Chief Emeriti of Psychiatric Times. We thank them for their contributions and look forward to their continued support and guidance.

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