Evidence-Based Ways to Improve Mental Health


These 2 medical students want to share their helpful handouts with you and your patients. Watch the video to learn more.

There are many studies that have found empirically supported ways for patients to improve their mental health in addition to medication and therapy. We worked with a combined medical student and psychiatrist team to do a literature search to identify things that will help patients.

Our team then used the findings of more than 100 scientific papers, many meta-analyses, or review articles, to make handouts and webpages that are narrative reviews of ways for patients to improve their mental health paraphrased down to a high school reading level with pictures so that patients can directly read them.

We want every patient who can benefit from knowing things that can improve their mental health to get this information. If we can help you get information to your patients about scientifically supported ways to improve their mental health in addition to the treatment they’re already receiving please contact us!

The website with all of the information for patients and downloadable PDFs of the handouts to give to patients is www.FightforMentalHealth.com

We want to talk with you!

Landon Hester- Landon-Hester@ouhsc.edu

Arrash Allahyar- Arrash-Allahyar@ouhsc.edu

Both Landon Hester and Arrash Allayhar are affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry in the College of Medicine at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City, OK.