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Clinically relevant information by our Section Editors, on topics such as bipolar disorder, digital media in psychiatry, ethics, history, major depressive disorder, military mental health, schizophrenia, and sleep disorders.

Thanks in part to our Section Editors, Psychiatric Times delivered up-to-date and clinically relevant information on topics such as bipolar disorder, digital media in psychiatry, ethics, history, major depressive disorder, military mental health, schizophrenia, sleep, and other psychiatric disorders (in alphabetical order, by author name).Sleep Disorders: Karl Doghramji, MDManaging Insomnia: A Cautionary TaleIn this video, Dr Doghramji describes the various agents available for managing insomnia and discusses the adverse effects associated with over-the-counter, nutraceutical, and prescription sleep aids.History of Psychiatry: Greg Eghigian, PhDThe First World War and the Legacy of ShellshockIn the history of psychiatry, the First World War is often identified with the rise of the disorder of “shellshock.” However, many in both the medical community and the military establishment were dubious of the claim that war could produce PTSD symptoms.Military Mental Health: Charles C. Engel, MD, MPHWhy Should Psychiatrists Care About Military Mental Health?Military veterans are ubiquitous in our practices and in our lives. The impact of the past several years of armed conflict is greater than many think-and much greater than simply the number of veterans in our communities.Ethics: Cynthia Geppert. MD, PhD, MPH, MBeThe Brave New World of Psychiatric EthicsThe universe of psychiatric ethics has dramatically expanded. Let us boldly go together where psychiatric ethics has never gone before!Major Depressive Disorder: George I. Papakostas, MD and Marlene P. Freeman, MDPrescribing Psychotropics for Women of Childbearing PotentialBecause half of pregnancies in this country are unplanned, it is crucial to counsel women of reproductive potential about their medications-regardless of their plans to conceive.Digital Media in Psychiatry: Holly Peek, MD, MPHSocial Media: An Opportunity for PsychiatristsIt is essential that we psychiatrists align ourselves with the public and our patients both to disseminate accurate information and to educate. Social media allows us to have this public voice more than ever before.Bipolar Disorder: James Phelps, MDNo Need for Blood: Nine Alternatives to the Antidepressant DebateThere is very little evidence for the efficacy of antidepressants in bipolar disorder, particularly for longer-term use. However, there are at least 9 alternatives to conventional antidepressants.Schizophrenia: Brian Miller, MD, PhD, MPHToward Biological Subtypes in Schizophrenia: Potential Role of NMDA-Receptor AntibodiesTake-home messages on the immunology of schizophrenia and NMDA receptor encephalitis. 

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