Portrait of a Psychiatrist: A Relay Handoff

Psychiatric TimesPsychiatric Times Vol 36, Issue 3
Volume 36
Issue 3

As physicians, the risk of being sued is one of our greatest concerns.

From Self-Portrait to Psychiatric Malpractice Grand Rounds

H. Steven Moffic, MD | Series Chair

As physicians, the risk of being sued is one of our greatest concerns. If we are sued, whether we are legally responsible or not, it is often a major stressor for our self-esteem, sense of competence, and projections of future well-being. Because of that stress and possible shame, let alone the advice of attorneys to stay quiet, there is usually a reluctance to publicly share one’s experience with litigation.

We are indebted to Dr Betwee for self-disclosing his excruciating experience in “A Malpractice Marathon” in which he tells us about a lawsuit that dragged on for years. This self-portrait proved to be of such interest that Psychiatric Times, with the help and legal expertise of Editor in Chief Emeritus, James Knoll IV, MD, has decided to launch an entirely new spinoff series, Psychiatric Malpractice Grand Rounds. Dr Betwee’s courageous piece will thereby provide even more benefits. This surely fulfills one of our secondary ethical priorities, after the primary one of the needs of patients, which is to be of help to our colleagues.

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