Remembering Masks and Hobbies


The masks we wear... how can they help us?

With our weekly Psychiatry & Society video taking a winter break, we bring back some of the greatest hits that are timely and continue to relate to current and uprising societal events of psychological interest. Take today’s story, for instance...

This video, The Masks We Wear, portrayed one of my hobbies, which is collecting artistic masks that reveal and conceal.

Having such a hobby is important for most physicians and health care workers for our own mental health. As mentioned in last week’s recap, burnout is very real, and we most do our best to prevent such.

We also figuratively wear masks to hide what we really think and believe. That may be happening in our politicians during these increasingly divisive times.

What masks do you wear? And, what hobbies keep you balanced? We want to hear. Write to us at

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