Remembering the Love of Sports


Sports: entertaining and reflective of our society at large.

With our weekly Psychiatry & Society video taking a winter break, we bring back some of the greatest hits that are timely and continue to relate to current and uprising societal events of psychological interest. Take today’s story, for instance...

Looking back on this video, For the Love of Sports, from exactly 1 year ago, we are in the midst of some major national and international sports events, including the annual National Football League Super Bowl and the international Olympics, which has been altered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a way, competition for workplace positions can mirror sports competition, and we are also in the midst of a competition for a new Supreme Court Justice. For now, the competition is only between Black women per President Joe Biden’s promise. Psychologically and socially, such representative is important. But given that: the Olympics are in China, we are in the midst of celebrating Chinese New Year, and there are no Asian-American Supreme Court justices, perhaps the search should be widened?

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