The 2024 APA Annual Meeting: Sunday, May 5


Here are highlights from the second day of this year’s APA Annual Meeting.




The 2024 American Psychiatric Association (APA) Annual Meeting is in full swing. Here are some highlights from Sunday, May 5, in Psychiatric Times®.

Suicide and Other Deaths From Unnatural Causes in Bipolar Disorder



A poster at the 2024 American Psychiatric Association (APA) Annual Meeting discussed the results of a recent meta-analysis that investigated the risk of premature mortality, particularly due to unnatural causes like suicide, among individuals with bipolar disorder compared with the general population.

According to the poster’s researchers, there is an association between bipolar disorder and premature mortality. Individuals with bipolar disorder face heightened susceptibility to unnatural deaths, predominantly through suicide, alongside other unnatural causes such as homicide and accidents. The study discussed in the poster undertook a meta-analysis of current research findings concerning these unnatural causes, with a specific focus on suicide in bipolar disorder. Continue Reading

Disability as the Next Step in DEI Explored at Annual Meeting



As we consider diversity and inclusivity, it is important to think about disabilities, shared Donald Egan, MD, MPH, and Jessica Williams, MD, at the 2024 American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting in New York City.

Understanding “Disability”

To put the importance of the topic in perspective, Egan, who is the vice chair of the American Psychiatric Association Diversity Leadership Fellowship and PGY-3 University of Texas Southwestern, explained approximately 6 in 10 adults in the United States have a chronic disease, and 4 in 10 have 2 or more. Additionally, 27% of US adults have reported they have a disability across a spectrum of areas. Continue Reading

Semaglutide and Depression: What Is the Relationship?

K KStock/AdobeStock

K KStock/AdobeStock

Semaglutide, a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analog approved for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, was also approved in the US, Europe, the UK, and Canada in once-weekly subcutaneous formulation for weight management in overweight adults with at least 1 weight-related comorbidity and obesity. The only other GLP-1 analog approved for obesity by the FDA, liraglutide, regulates appetite via action on the hypothalamus. While no significant psychiatric adverse effects have been reported with semaglutide compared with placebo thus far, psychiatric adverse effects, including suicidal ideation, have been reported with other GLP-1 receptor agonists.

Presented at the 2024 American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, the poster, “Semaglutide: An opportunity or an obstacle? A literature review and case report exploring the relationship between the popular drug and depression,” examined the relationship between antiobesity agents and depression. Continue Reading

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