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Latest News

What is their comparative safety?
Antipsychotic Polypharmacy vs Monotherapy

June 14th 2024

What is their comparative safety?

The CDC suggests that disrupted access to ADHD medications may increase risk of overdose and injury.
CDC Issues HAN Health Advisory Following DOJ Indictment of Digital Health Provider of Adderall

June 14th 2024

Do physical health conditions in childhood affect ADHD symptoms at age 17 years? Researchers investigated these associations in a large cohort study.
Childhood Physical Health and ADHD Symptoms

June 14th 2024

"A Psychiatrist’s Guitar"

June 14th 2024

Religious and Research Verification for the Psychoexemplaries

June 14th 2024

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Special Reports

An expert shares 7 principles for clinicians to consider when prescribing multiple medications for a patient.
Tips for Managing Multiple Medication Use

May 30th 2024

An expert shares 7 principles for clinicians to consider when prescribing multiple medications for a patient.

Polypharmacy in Older Adults

May 29th 2024

What are the risks and benefits of antipsychotic polypharmacy for the treatment of schizophrenia?
Correlates of Antipsychotic Polypharmacy in Taiwanese Patients With Schizophrenia

May 28th 2024

Polypharmacy in Traumatic Brain Injury

May 23rd 2024

What are the connections between what we eat and disorders such as anxiety and depression?
Connections Between Food Additives and Psychiatric Disorders

April 25th 2024

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