Eric J. Lenze, MD




Caution: 7 Medications That May Increase Falls in Your Older Patient

September 26, 2019

Although not a DSM diagnosis, fear of falling is recognized as a common source of functional impairment and distress. The author presents 7 commonly prescribed medication categories that may increase fall risk in older adults.

Psychotropic Drugs and Falls in Older Adults

March 28, 2018

In the elderly, falls are a common and important problem. In the US, fall-related injuries cost approximately $30 billion per year, and about 30% of older adults fall at least once in a given year.

Treating Late-Life Anxiety

March 01, 2006

Despite high prevalence and negative consequences of anxiety disorders in later life, this area has received little research attention. A relatively small number of outcome investigations on late-life anxiety have focused on the impact of pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatments.