Author | Helen Lavretsky, MD, MS


Dear Mental Health Innovators: The COVID-19 Honeymoon Is Almost Over

May 19, 2020


Society’s psychological reactions to a crisis can be predicted according to disaster response frameworks, which can be used to understand what to build during the evolving COVID-19 crisis, and when those innovations will prove most vital.

Introduction: Neuropsychiatric Disorders of Aging

January 29, 2018


This Special Report on Geriatric Psychiatry addresses a variety of clinical issues in the rapidly growing diverse population of older adults.

Cognitive Enhancement-With Yoga

August 08, 2017


In this pilot study, older adults who practiced yoga did better on measures of verbal and visual memory and executive function than those in memory training classes.

Natural Supplements and Vitamins for Treatment and Prevention of Dementia and Cognitive Decline

August 30, 2016


Here: a look at several natural products used to improve cognitive impairment or cognitive symptoms of dementia.

Positive Psychiaty, Resilience, and Aging

July 25, 2016


The latest updates in geriatric psychiatry.

Treatment Options in Late-Life Treatment-Resistant Depression

May 17, 2016


This article sheds light on the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches to TRD management in adults 60 years and older.

All to Do About Aging!

May 13, 2016


Therapeutic techniques can enhance psychological resilience and may help patients improve their quality of life. Here's how.

Convergence Science: Shaping 21st Century Psychiatry

November 13, 2015


The Medici effect is upon us in biomedicine, and it’s called convergence science.

Challenges of Treating Depression in the Elderly

October 22, 2015


Comorbid medical symptoms, polypharmacy, and cognitive decline are hallmarks of depression in the fastest growing segment of the population.

Strategies for Bolstering Resilience in Older Adults

May 01, 2014


An expert talks briefly about interventions that can help bolster resilience and help older people recover quickly from adversity.