Vol 32 No 6

Mental Representations and Unilateral Neglect: A Revealing Clinical Study

June 24, 2015

We are a long way from understanding the complex neural basis for behaviors such as mentalization. But, we can mentally imagine the scientific pursuit of questions, one after another, that might get us to that goal.

Cultural Context: The Essential Ingredient for a Whole Formulation

June 02, 2015

To determine a treatment plan, psychiatrists may consider the social and cultural context before they attempt to formulate an assessment and diagnosis of depression or another psychiatric disorder. The Cultural Formulation gives us the tools to do just that.

Update on Geriatric Depression and Anxiety

June 02, 2015

Many older adults experience loneliness, profound psychosocial changes, and loss. Screening, recognition, and treatment of mood disorders in late life significantly decrease morbidity associated with many problems encountered by the elderly.

A Eulogy for a Beautiful Mind

June 01, 2015

So many had stared at John Nash, for different reasons, at different times. Now that his own stare is frozen in time, the challenge is to understand the meaning of the stares that he had received during his life.