Author | Susan Kweskin


Spirit Chicken-or Lunch? Medical Tales From the Far Side of the World

May 23, 2019


To many Lao, the concepts of mental illness and spirituality are tightly intertwined.

You Say Hello and I Say Goodbye

May 25, 2018


Four psychiatrists have joined the distinguished members of our Editorial Board. And our Editorial Director passes the torch.

The Future of Psychiatry

November 22, 2017


Here's a warm welcome to the 7 members of our new Advisory Board.

Welcome to the Editorial Board, Dr. Miller!

July 21, 2017


Brian Miller joins the Editorial Board of Psychiatric Times.

Across the (Psychiatric) Universe

April 24, 2017


At Psychiatric Times, it has long been our goal to publish cutting-edge information from the frontiers of psychiatry. In this this spirit, we welcome Dr. Thomas G. Schulze, one of the world’s leading experts on psychiatric genetics to our Editorial Board.

Stories of Patients Who Moved You – and Who Moved Us to Tears

June 07, 2016


We are about to publish the winning essays from our first-ever writer's contest. We hope you'll find them as moving and memorable as we did.

I Couldn’t Wish for Better

April 01, 2016


We put our faithful old basset hound down this weekend. Maizy's death was painless, merciful, dignified, and timely. She died in the arms of two people who really loved her.

What My Father Never Told Me

January 20, 2016


If my dad looked back on those ferocious battles he fought in the south Pacific, he never let on.

Breaking Up? There’s an App for That

January 06, 2016


Breakups hurt. Even the traditional methods are painful. But an adios via a third party? How cold is that?