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Psychiatric TimesVol 41, Issue 6

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The CDC recently released data showing a decrease in drug overdoses over a 12-month period ending December 2023. Although this is good news, overdose deaths continue to be at epidemic levels, with the same report noting more than 100,000 deaths due to overdose during that same 12-month period.1

Overdose is just part of the addiction story; the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s 2022 National Survey of Drug Use and Health found more than 150 million individuals 12 years and older—which was more than half of those surveyed—had used tobacco products (including vaping nicotine), alcohol, or an illicit drug in the previous month, and almost 50 million individuals 12 years and older (or almost one-fifth of those surveyed) had a substance use disorder in the past year.2

These statistics are more than numbers; they represent the patients you support and the complicated clinical stories you address. For that reason, our first digital issue is dedicated to addiction and is now available online. In it, you will find continuing education opportunities, clinical pearls from leaders in the field, and additional information to better inform treatment strategies. As always, if there are topics or issues you would like to see addressed—or if you are interested in sharing insights gleaned from your experiences with your colleagues—email us at

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Mike Hennessy Jr

President and CEO, MJH Life Sciences


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2. National Survey on Drug Use and Health data. News release. November 13, 2023. Accessed May 20, 2024. 

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