Building the Bridge Between Psyche and Soma: 2021 Sigourney Award Winner

Psychoanalysis and dermatology: this Sigourney Award Winner is bridging the 2 specialties.

"The recognition of The Sigourney Award-2021 will enable us to break barriers and continue building bridges between psyche and soma that can be crossed by physicians and patients, thus achieving a closer, more humane, and personalized medical practice..."

To read Dr Ulnik's article, please see The Psychoanalyst Hears, the Dermatologist Sees: 2021 Sigourney Award Winner.

Dr Ulnik is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst (Asociación Psicoanalítica Argentina), president of EULAPS and associate professor of pathophysiology and psychosomatic diseases, and adjunct professor of mental health at the Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina.