The 3 Biggest Challenges in Psychiatry Today


Philip R. Muskin, MD, MA, DLFAPA, LFACLP, discusses contemporary psychiatry and some of the most exciting things about the 2024 Annual Meeting.


“For me, a lot of the excitement has been around not so much new drugs or even new treatments, but how we think about patients, and how we think about working with patients in terms of collaborating rather than treating.”

In this Mental Health Minute, Psychiatric Times® Editorial Board Member Philip R. Muskin, MD, MA, DLFAPA, LFACLP, of Columbia University Irving Medical Center, sits down with Psychiatric Times at the 2024 American Psychiatric Association (APA) Annual Meeting. In our conversation, Muskin discusses his most exciting takeaways from this year’s annual meeting, as well as the 3 biggest challenges in psychiatry today.

Dr Muskin is a professor of psychiatry and senior consultant in consultation-liaison psychiatry at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York, New York. He is also a member of the Psychiatric Times Editorial Board.

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