Mindful Meditation

September 25th 2020

Dr. John Miller shows us one of his favorite topics to talk about and practice.

Words of Solace in Dark Times

September 25th 2020

Dr Tirado offers words of wisdom and encouragement on the pandemic.

A Doctor, Her Daughter, and a Difficult Dilemma

September 24th 2020

What happens when a clinician has to give herself news she does not want to hear?

Do’s and Don’ts of Psychopharmacology in Late Life: Key Challenges and Opportunities

September 24th 2020

When working with older individuals with psychiatric symptoms, most clinicians are familiar with the adage “start low and go slow.” But what other tips should you consider when prescribing psychopharmacology?

Is It Time to Do Away With Psychiatry?

September 23rd 2020

Dr Martin shares psychiatry's "dirty, little, ill-kept secret..."

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