Author | Heidi Moawad, MD


Insomnia Associated With Shift Work Sleep Disorder

August 05, 2020


A case of a patient with difficult-to-treat insomnia highlights the pervasive daytime effects of this condition.

Anxiety-Associated Insomnia With a Twist of Depression

July 12, 2020


Anxiety and stress are closely linked, and they are among the chief causes of insomnia. Watch for a variety of emotional and physical factors that may play a role in worsening depression. More in this case report.

Tools for Avoiding Negativity in the Face of Uncertainty

June 19, 2020


Heidi Moawad, MD, discusses the pitfalls of negative thinking and shares specific tips for heatlh professionals and the public to avoid it.

Insomnia Triggered by Nightmares: Evaluation and Treatment Options

June 05, 2020


A patient's sleep deprivation started to affect her overall well-being and compromised her ability to enjoy life.

Stress and Drug Abuse: A Structural and Genetic Link

November 01, 2019


Researchers provide clues to whether there is a causative association between exposure to stress and a predisposition to drug abuse.

Underlying Mechanisms of Highly Processed Food Addiction

October 29, 2019


Processed foods, also described as “junk-food,” are often reported to be highly addictive in humans-leading to behavioral effects such as overeating, eating compulsions, and loss of control.

E-Cigarettes and Substance Use

October 04, 2019


The use of e-cigarettes may precede cigarette smoking as well as the use of other substances, especially among young people.