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The Neurodiversity Movement: Confusing Illness with Stigma?

June 6th 2023

Where might proponents of neurodiversity and psychiatrists agree?

From connections between bvFTD and primary psychiatric disorders to the impact of posttraumatic neuroendocrine dysfunction on recovery, here are highlights from the week in Psychiatric Times.
The Week in Review: April 24-28

April 29th 2023

The Bad and Good News About Autism in Girls

April 20th 2023

Connections between autism risk, sleep disturbances, insomnia risk genes and circadian pathways were analyzed.
Study Explores Impact of Circadian Pathway, Insomnia Risk Genes on Sleep Disturbance in Autism

October 24th 2022

Telehealth’s Calming Effect on Autism
Telehealth’s Calming Effect on Autism

July 7th 2022

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