Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders

Circadian Rhythms Across the Lifespan

April 30, 2020

Circadian rhythms have a profound effect on our mental and physical health. Indeed, mental health and circadian health are tightly entwined, and circadian interventions can improve mood and well-being, even in healthy people.

Sleep Disturbances After Traumatic Brain Injury

September 30, 2015

Sleep-related problems are among the most disabling consequences of TBI, with multiple influences: impairment of neuronal plasticity, metabolomic alterations, loss of vascular homeostasis, and disruption of the blood-brain barrier. The authors take a close look.

The Body Clock and Its Discontents

August 03, 2015

Circadian components are profound in depressive disorders, such seasonal affective disorder. This article introduces a course to be given at this year’s APA Meeting in Toronto, on melatonin and light treatment.

Additions to Our Sleep Armamentarium

April 13, 2014

What's new in sleep medicine? The latest developments in both new and novel approaches to treating sleep disorders.

Implementing Effective Insomnia Management: Important Issues in Evaluation and Treatment

November 03, 2012

What is sleep normally and what are the primary factors that regulate sleep? Understanding that the primary factors that regulate the sleep wake cycle are homeostatic and circadian will help clinicians assess sleep problems in patients.