Flip Back Through the 2021 Issues


Which 2021 cover was your favorite?

As the year comes to an end, we wanted to take a look back through our print issues. Here's a look back through our cover stories:


The Psychiatric Pipeline: 10 Agents to Watch

John J. Miller, MD

Post-COVID Stress Disorder: Another Emerging Consequence of the Global Pandemic

Phebe Tucker, MD; Christopher S. Czapla, MD


Data-Driven: How Technology Can Improve Psychiatric Practice

Nidal Moukaddam, MD, PhD; Ashutosh Sabharwal, PhD

Never Forget the Fine Print: From Fertility Rites to “Miracle Med”

Sharon Packer, MD


One Year With COVID-19

Amilcar Arnaldo Tirado, MD, MBA

Whose Turn Should It Be? The Ethics of COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation

Cynthia M.A. Geppert, MD, MA, MPH, MSBE, DPS


Electroconvulsive Therapy: Obsolete and Dangerous or Still Just Misunderstood?

Horacio A. Capote, MD

The Other Side of the COVID-19 Crisis: The Silent, Socially Phobic Minority

Sharon Packer, MD


Confronting the Methamphetamine Epidemic

Michael W. Jann, PharmD, FCP

What About Us? The Marginalization of Serious Mental Health and Substance Use

Cynthia M.A. Geppert, MD, MA, MPH, MSBE, DPS


First, Do No Harm: New Canadian Law Allows for Assisted Suicide for Patients with Psychiatric Disorders

Mark S. Komrad, MD

Exploring the Epigenetic Paradigm Shift

John J. Miller, MD


COVID-19 Mental Health Long Haulers

Macy Bayern, MS

Developing a Collaborative Approach to Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Infection

Elizabeth LaSalvia, MD; Jason Maley, MD; Matcheri S. Keshavan, MD


The Case for Psychiatric Reparations

H. Steven Moffic, MD; Rahn K. Bailey, MD; Andy McLean, MD, MPH; Tom Okamoto, MD; The PRO Group (Psychiatric Reparations Opportunities)

A Love Letter to the Patient-Physician Relationship

Nidal Moukaddam, MD, PhD


9/11 20th Anniversary: COVID-19 Endgame

James L. Knoll IV, MD

From Languishing to Flourishing: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kathryn Uhlman, MBA, MScHQ; Noel Amaladoss, MD; Vanessa Lentz, MD, MSc


Is Video Game Addiction a Disorder?

Rashmi Parmar, MD , Julian Lagoy, MD

Psychiatry in the Year 2500: Lessons Learned From History

Joel Yager, MD


Celebrating Psychiatry: Conference Highlights Advances

Leah Kuntz, Heidi Anne Duerr, MPH

A Role for Psychiatry in Understanding and Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy

Steve Adelman, MD


It’s Time for Us to Stop Waffling About Psychiatry

Daniel Morehead, MD

My Life is Hell, Doc. Please Help Me!

Sara Mourani, MD, Nidal Moukaddam, MD, PhD

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