Korean Intellectual Property Office Grants Patent Application for Depression Treatment


VistaGen Therapeutic’s grant application for PH10, an investigational therapeutic agent for the treatment of depression, has been approved.


VistaGen Therapeutics announced that the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) in the Republic of Korea has granted the patent application for VistaGen’s PH10. PH10 is a nasal spray with therapeutic potential in treating depression. It was initially intended to be a potential stand-alone treatment for major depressive disorder (MDD).

“The Republic of Korea is an important pharmaceutical market. With counterpart patents already issued in the US, Greater China, Europe, and Japan, this patent enhances our patent protection for PH10 and is a key component of our global commercial protection strategy for PH10,” Shawn K. Singh, Chief Executive Officer of VistaGen, said to the press. “Our late-stage development and commercialization strategy for PH10 is similar to our strategy for PH94B, namely, to license these rights in key pharmaceutical markets outside of North America.”1

After successfully completing the Phase 2A clinical development, VistaGen is preparing for the Phase 2B clinical development of PH10 as a potential stand-alone treatment for MDD. The patent granted by KIPO is not set to expire earlier than 2034.

“MDD affects more than 264 million adults globally and can have significant emotional, functional and economic impact on those who suffer from the disorder and their loved ones. Recent studies have also shown that there has been an exacerbation of existing depression symptoms, with US adults showing three times as many symptoms of depression during the COVID-19 pandemic we are battling, making the need for better, safer alternatives for depression treatments more imperative. We believe PH10 has the potential to transform the treatment landscape for individuals with MDD in global depression markets, and we believe this patent will help protect and propel global development,” Singh said further.1

To hear more from Shawn Singh of VistaGen, see Complementing Your Psychotherapy.


1. VistaGen Therapeutics. VistaGen announces Korean Intellectual Property Office decision to grant PH10 patent for treatment of depression. News release. December 10, 2020. https://ir.vistagen.com/press-releases/detail/157

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