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Latest News

world peace
Some Psychiatrists Want to Give Peace a Chance

May 22nd 2024

As a mental health clinician, are you ready to give peace a chance?

tardive dyskinesia
Managing Tardive Dyskinesia: New Data from Phase 3 Study of Ingrezza

May 22nd 2024

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Special Reports

What are the connections between what we eat and disorders such as anxiety and depression?
Connections Between Food Additives and Psychiatric Disorders

April 25th 2024

What are the connections between what we eat and disorders such as anxiety and depression?

The articles in this Psychiatric Times Special Report highlight the relationship of health to the environment.
Exploring the Connections Between Mental Health and Our Environment

April 22nd 2024

Here's how embracing a comprehensive, patient-centered approach and staying informed about emerging treatments can help mental health professionals make a difference in the lives of patients with TRD.
Managing Treatment-Resistant Depression: Tips for the Outpatient Psychiatrist

March 20th 2024

Augmentation Strategies for Treatment-Resistant Depression

March 19th 2024

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