Psychiatric Times Vol 28 No 4

The Judaic Foundations of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

May 05, 2011

See if you can tell if the following quote comes from religious wisdom or a CBT therapist: “To defeat depression, you must introduce a fresh perspective to your thinking. You must begin to replace troubling, destructive thoughts with positive, constructive ones.” To this, we say, “Amen.”

Risk Analysis: Tips for Health Care Practitioners

May 04, 2011

Risk analysis is an ongoing process that should provide an organization with a detailed understanding of its risks and information necessary to address those risks in a timely manner, and the means to reduce associated risks to reasonable and appropriate levels.

Ketamine: A Possible Role for Patients Who Are Running Out of Options?

May 03, 2011

If ketamine is able to turn off a patient’s depression, even for one day, you have accomplished something important, whether or not you can maintain it. This is because you have at least given the patient hope . . . that in itself is very significant from a therapeutic perspective.

Antidrug Vaccines

April 20, 2011

Antidrug vaccines represent an exciting area of development in the pharmacological treatment of chemical dependency. In addition to the clinical trials being conducted on vaccines for cocaine and nicotine dependence, preclinical development of vaccines for methamphetamine and heroin is ongoing.

Introduction: Looking to the Future of Psychopharmacology

April 20, 2011

The focus of this Special Report is on some future-oriented aspects of psychopharmacology. First, it is an eclectic set of articles that cover treating resistant depression, using currently illegal drugs to treat psychiatric problems, and finally the potential of using vaccines to treat substance use disorders.

Mixed States in Their Manifold Forms: Part 2

March 31, 2011

Mixed depression is defined as a major depressive episode (MDE) with concurrent manic or hypomanic symptoms that are insufficient in number for a patient to meet the criteria for mixed hypomania.

Excavation in Austria Uncovers Mass Grave Thought to Hold Nazi Victims

March 05, 2011

United Press International recently reported that construction workers in Hall, Austria have exhumed what may be turn out to be grim remains of the Third Reich’s Action T4 program that sought to exterminate mentally and physically disabled men women and children.

Practice Management: Managing Risks When Practicing in Three-Party Care Settings

February 04, 2009

Following trends in medicine, psychiatry is faced with limited resources and third-party administration of resource allocation. This has affected psychiatric practice in many ways and altered the doc-tor-patient relationship. Trends toward resource-sensitive, third-party–related psychiatric practice may be accelerated by the current social concerns regarding the economy. Thus, an awareness of social context and the growing recognition that autonomy-enhancing alternatives to paternalistic care are fundamental to improve both the effectiveness and accessibility of care in limited-resource environments are each becoming vital for an informed clinical and risk-management practice perspective.1