Psychiatric Times Vol 35, Issue 11

Portraits of a Psychiatrist’s Life

November 27, 2018

We invite you to write an article about a day in your life for a series of articles about psychiatry and self-disclosure, with the help of the editors at Psychiatric Times and Editorial Board member H. Steven Moffic, MD.

Opioids, Suicide, Mental Disorders, and Pain

November 21, 2018

While many deaths due to opioid overdoses are accidental, there a growing body of evidence that some cases were intentional and that the presence of pain played a role in the decision to end life.

Suicide Risk and Sleep: What’s the Link?

November 20, 2018

Sleep disturbances have been identified as a suicide risk factor, yet hypnotic medications, which are often used to treat sleep issues, have been linked to suicide-related thoughts, plans, and attempts. What’s the best way to assess and treat sleep disturbances in patients at risk of suicide?

When No One Is Watching

November 08, 2018

A chance encounter with a patient who had been slowly and painfully emerging from under the oppressive burden of a recent life-threatening illness and impairing mood symptoms changed everything for all parties involved.

Overcoming Opioid Addiction: The Authoritative Medical Guide

November 05, 2018

Since so much has already been written about the opioid epidemic, it is reasonable to wonder whether we need another book about this phenomenon? Experts make the case for why we need more information-and urgently.

Vietnam, 50 Years Later: Remembering Those Who Served

November 05, 2018

The mental health challenges that arose in Vietnam over the course of the war were in many respects both prodigious and unprecedented. An estimated 200 psychiatrists, including two women, served in Vietnam with the Army, Navy, and Air Force between 1964 and 1973.