Co-Occurring Mania and ADHD in Youths

June 03, 2014

Evidence suggests that co-occurrence with ADHD is a marker of preadolescent-onset mania. This slideshow provides some evidence for you to decide whether this form of very early-onset mania represents a developmental subtype of the disorder.

Natural Products Used to Treat Depressed Mood as Monotherapies and Adjuvants to Antidepressants

September 23, 2013

Most persons who use CAM modalities to self-treat a mental health problem take prescription antidepressants concurrently. Combined use can result in serious supplement-drug interactions.

The Role of Biological Tests in Psychiatric Diagnosis

May 23, 2013

"Psychiatric diagnosis is certainly imperfect -- but so is much of diagnosis throughout medicine. And whatever the current limitations, psychiatric diagnosis is useful and essential. There are no 'paradigm shifts possible til we learn a lot more. To imply otherwise is misleading and confusing to patients."

Will Your Clinical Records Support You in Court?

May 21, 2013

A clinician’s notes and clinical records should document and defend treatment decisions, and are the best defense in court. Here: 3 key things every patient record should include.