Mental Health and Medical Care Avoidance

September 30th 2020

Individuals who are anxious and depressed are more likely to avoid necessary medical care, even during a pandemic.

An Opportunity for Growth

September 29th 2020

Dr Lavretsky invites us to use the pandemic as a chance to build good habits, explore spiritual avenues, and start new routines.

Elder Abuse and Ageism During COVID-19

September 29th 2020

The pandemic hit everyone hard, but what implications and consequences has it had for the older generations?

Tips for Anxiety in Uncertain Times

September 29th 2020

Then and Now: Addressing Comorbid PTSD and MDD

September 29th 2020

The authors examine recent literature in order to assist psychiatrists in evaluating the findings and determining how to best put research findings into real-world practice.

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