10 Things To Consider When Cross Titrating Drugs

November 30th 2020

Over the years, Psychiatric Times’ editor in chief has developed “Miller’s Formula,” his 10-step system to ensure a successful cross-titration for his patients. The strategies are straight-forward and can be used for any drug and in any specialty.

Dlgap2: The Gene Associated With Memory Loss

November 30th 2020

A new study associates a gene that facilitates neuron communication in the nervous system with memory loss.

Blood Pressure Drug Benefits Patients Recovering From Alcohol Addiction

November 27th 2020

A drug developed to treat high blood pressure has unexpected benefits for patients with severe withdrawal symptoms.

Is Child Maltreatment Associated with Substance Use? New Evidence Emerges

November 27th 2020

Female emergency department patients with adverse childhood experiences were more likely to have substance use issues.

Craving Company

November 26th 2020

A new study finds that isolation makes us want company on a neural level, in much the same way that hunger makes us want food.

Weight Control and Mental Illness

November 24, 2020

Depression can cause weight loss or a loss of appetite... or it could cause weight gain and an increased appetite. Here is some need-to-know information on weight control and mood disorders.

Exploring Seasonal Affective Disorder

November 23, 2020

What is seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and can it be affecting your patients? Psychiatric Times’ Editor in Chief John J. Miller, MD, explores the history of SAD and how he integrates the use of light boxes for significant improvement in his patients.