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Latest News

The experts weighed in on a wide variety of psychiatric issues for the September 2023 issue of Psychiatric Times.
From the Pages of Psychiatric Times: September 2023

September 30th 2023

The experts weighed in on a wide variety of psychiatric issues for the September 2023 issue of Psychiatric Times.

From connections between cannabis use and schizophrenia to some non-psychiatric medications that may worsen symptoms of major depression, here are highlights from the week in Psychiatric Times.
The Week in Review: September 25-29

September 30th 2023

Here are some updates from the world of psychiatry throughout the month of September.
Psychiatry in the News: September 2023

September 29th 2023

What is new in research on sleep?
Sleep Research Roundup: September 29

September 29th 2023

war torn hosue
We Lived Happily During the War

September 29th 2023

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Special Reports

sad teen
Updates in Pediatric Boarding: A Review of National Pediatric Boarding Consensus Panel Recommendations

September 25th 2023

The development of the National Pediatric Boarding Consensus Panel guidelines attempts to provide hospitals suggestions for a safe, timely, and equitable standard of care for patients who are boarding.

Safety Planning: A Tool for Peers As Well?

September 22nd 2023

"As society continues to grapple with the consequences of violent behaviors, increasing efforts to understand and mitigate the risks of such behaviors using evidence-based methods and tools will be essential."
Violence Risk Assessment in the Emergency Department

September 21st 2023

emergency psychiatry
Emergency Psychiatry in an Extraordinary Age

September 20th 2023

"The root of the word 'create' or 'creativity' essentially means 'to grow.' That is probably what lies at the heart of what patients really want; they want to grow in terms of their relationships, their abilities, their passions and interests, their health, and in terms of whatever dreams they want to achieve personally in their lives."
Science and Art in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

August 23rd 2023

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