Munchausen Syndrome

Mini-quiz: Munchausen Syndrome

August 29, 2014

What do you include in your differential diagnosis if you suspect Munchausen syndrome? Take the quiz and learn more.

Munchausen by Proxy and Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another

August 28, 2014

Why do you need to know about Munchausen by Proxy? Answers here.

Experts Discuss Changes, Updates in DSM-5

May 22, 2013

A panel of experts at the APA Annual Meeting discussed how changes in DSM-5 may affect clinical practice. Highlights here.

Quiz on Vicarious Trauma, Working With Other Physicians, and More

January 19, 2011

Should malingering be considered more likely than factitious disorder when a patient exhibits pseudologia fantastica? What condition persists for longer than 3 months, accompanies a disease process, and is associated with a bodily injury that has not resolved over time? These questions and more in this interactive quiz.